Internet Art

Art made for the Internet, known variously as online, Internet, or net art, has matured at the same breakneck pace with which digital technology itself has expanded. Less than a decade after the introduction of the first image-capable browser for the World Wide Web, online art has become a major movement with a global audience and has spawned countless critical discussions on e-mail-based communities such as the Thing, Nettime, 7-11, and Encouraged by a growing excitement over the Internet as a social and economic phenomenon, proliferating news articles and museum exhibitions have brought online art to the forefront of the discussion of art’s future in the twenty-first century. Apart from the department’s courses in Net Art and Web development, Still Water has organized conferences with many of the most respected Internet artists and curators of our time, from individuals like Christiane Paul, John Klima, and Alex Galloway to collectives like, MTAA and