New Media Department 2014/15 Portfolio Requirements: 

All prospective New Media students must submit an organized, online web portfolio showing all work completed in the New Media program to date as well as past creative work, represented via a variety of media including: photos, video, embedded media and text. Portfolios should also include an “about” page describing your work, inspiration and overall direction in the New Media department. It is recommended that students follow the portfolio structure outlined in their NMD 200 class.

Please note the following deadlines / specifications for submission and notification of acceptance status, as well as a follow up critique by NMD faculty:

NMD Portfolio submission deadline:  Friday, Dec. 12th

Please send a web link to your portfolio link to(email account or Google doc?) with the subject line:  NMD 2014 Portfolio Submission – Name – John Doe)

NMD Portfolio acceptance / denial notification from faculty review:  Friday, Dec. 19th

Faculty critique of portfolios:  first weeks of classes, Spring semester, date tbd